Adding your timetable (older versions)

This article only applies to older versions of My Study Life without the schedule screen. The article for newer versions is available here.

My Study Life organises your classes using academic years, terms and subjects.

An academic year is used to represent a school year (eg. September 2014 – July 2015) and its terms are used to segment that school year. You can read more about academic years and terms here.

Subjects are used to group your classes, tasks and exams together. You can think of them as courses or projects if you’re unfamiliar with the term “subject”. You can read more about subjects here.

We recommend you add academic years, terms and subjects before adding classes. You can do this from the classes page on every one of our apps; on this page there are Manage Years + Terms and Manage Subjects buttons. You can also add an academic year and/or a subject whilst adding a class using the “new” buttons in the input view.

My Study Life supports day and week rotation timetables as well as the normal fixed timetable. If your classes alternate every other week or every few days you’ll need to change this from timetable settings before you can add classes

You can add classes which occur on a single date or repeat. Classes which repeat can occur on multiple times, days and weeks. You can read more about classes here.

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