Timetable settings upgrade guide

As of V2 on iPhone, V4 on Android, Windows 8, and the web and V6 on Windows Phone we deprecated timetable settings in favour of setting up rotation schedules when adding an academic year. This provides a much better experience and support for holidays that push your schedule.

In the updated apps, if you have any existing academic years, timetable settings are automatically migrated to the academic years. Whilst we have done our best to thoroughly test this, there may be some cases where the academic year’s scheduling settings need updating manually.

If you do not have any academic years and/or any of your classes and/or subjects do not have an academic year assigned, the timetable settings will remain visible in the Settings screen and you will see a warning similar to the one below.

To remove this warning and allow holidays to be added, follow the steps below.
  1. From the schedule screen, create a new academic year ensuring the scheduling settings are correct.
  2. Assign all of your classes and/or subjects to the academic year or its terms. To assign a class to an academic year or term, on any of our apps, go to the edit screen for a class and tap at the top of the input screen where it says “Edit Class” and “No year/term”. You can then select a year or term.
The option for a rotation schedule to be numbered or lettered has moved to General settings, accessible from the Settings screen.

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