Also known as lessons, classes in My Study Life can be a one-off event (such as an extra revision session for Computing) or a recurring event with multiple occurrences. Once the class has been created its type cannot be changed.

A class belongs to a subject and may optionally have a module, room, building and teacher.

One-off Classes
A one-off class occurs once and only once on the specified date and time. It must have a start and end time as well as a date on which it occurs.

Recurring Classes
A recurring class can have multiple times and will repeat between either:
  • The start/end dates of the assigned academic year or term.
  • The start/end dates assigned to the class, if specified.
When adding or editing a task, My Study Life will tell you how long your class repeats for when you create a new, or edit an existing class.

A recurring class must have at least one time. A time may have one or more weekdays or rotation days. Rotation schedules are configured when adding or updating the academic years. A single class may have multiple times which occur on both weekdays and rotation days allowing for complex timetables.

If the class only repeats for a finite about of time (less than an academic year or term), you can use the start/end dates of the class to specify this. The start/end dates assigned to a class will override any dates from a year or term so long as they are within the assigned year or term's dates.

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