Windows Phone - Live Tile Not Updating

My Study Life uses the live tile to display your current and next classes and exams for the current day. If you do not have any classes or exams remaining for the current day, My Study Life displays the number of classes, exams and tasks due for the following day.

If the live tile is not updating, it may be due to one of the following:

Background Task Blocked

To conserve battery life, Windows Phone limits the number of background tasks which are allowed to run (the number varies depending on your phone). If you have a high number of apps which use background tasks (used for live tiles, lock screen wallpaper and reminders) it's possible that My Study Life's background task may have been disabled. To check this, follow the steps below for the version of Windows Phone you are using:

Windows Phone 8
  • Navigate to Settings on your phone
  • Swipe to the applications screen and tap background tasks
  • Ensure My Study life has the text "allowed" beneath it. If not, tap My Study Life and check "Turn background tasks back on for this app the next time I open it" and open My Study Life. The live tile should start to update within 30 minutes
Windows Phone 8.1
  • Open the Battery Saver app on your phone
  • Find My Study Life in the list of apps
  • Tap My Study Life and ensure "Allow app to run in the background" is turned on

Low Battery

When your phone has a low percentage of battery charge remaining, Windows Phone turns on battery saver. This makes your remaining charge last slightly longer but also disables background tasks so My Study Life won't be able to update the live tile or reminders. In Windows Phone 8.1 you can prevent My Study Life's background task being disabled in battery saver in the Battery Saver app.

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