Sync Errors

On rare occasions, My Study Life may not synchronize your data between your devices. To fix this, on all phone and tablet apps there is a Force Sync option on the Sync screen under Settings. If you have added data on one of the phone or tablet apps which is not appearing on other devices, you may need to use the Force Sync on all of your devices to get the data to appear. 

If you receive a sync error whilst your device is online, please let us know using the Contact Support button to the right of this article.

Missing Data

If you do not receive a sync error but some of your data is missing it may be due to using an old version of the app. Please check you are using the latest version if any data is missing.

Class Times
Adding multiple times per class was added in version 3.0 of the web, Android and Windows 8 apps and version 5.0 of the Windows Phone app. Older versions of the application will continue to work however classes with more than one time will not sync to older devices.

Academic Years/Terms
The ability to specify your academic years and terms was added in version 2.1 of the web app, version 2.0 of the Android and Windows 8 apps and version 4.0 of the Windows Phone app. In older versions you will be unable to see your academic years and terms.

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