Tasks in My Study Life allow you to track your homework, assignments, revision and set general reminders.

A task belongs to a subject and must have a type (Assignment, Reminder or Revision), a title and a date on which the task is due. You may also add extra information to the task using the detail field (such as the number of questions to complete or a specific area to investigate for an essay).

For example, if you had been given an assignment to write an essay about Moore’s Law for Computing to complete by the 20th April, you would create a task giving it the subject Computing, type of Assignment, due date of 20th April and a title of Moore’s Law Essay. You could use the detail field to add some references to helpful articles online, or some pointers given to you by your teacher.

Revision Tasks
A revision task is a specialized type of a task which allows you to assign the task to an exam. My Study Life allows you to create and track the progress of a number of revisions tasks for a single exam. These tasks are also shown when viewing an exam, reminding you that you may still have some revision left to do. This means that when revising for that all important end of year exam, you can create a revision task per module (or even sub-module) to ensure you’re 100% prepared.

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