How can we make My Study Life better?

Be able to add extra-curricular activities and events

On Timetable add extra 'planner-like' events
For example:
After school clubs (ex: 2:20-3:30pm)
Music lessons (ex: 3:00-4:00pm)
Exercise at the gym (ex: 5:00-6:00pm)
Break times like dinner, tv, etc in 15-45minute intervals

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    Caroline MakCaroline Mak shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Janai StanfordJanai Stanford commented  · 

        yes! i want to add days where i have to work, since most students work and go to classes, i think this would be good

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        YES PLEASE! I don't think I'll end up using MyStudyLife if that doesn't become an option. Just being able to simply add a one-time or recurring activity would make it so much better.

      • JeppeJeppe commented  · 

        This is really my one big complaint so far. I do need the ability to add ekstra activities that aren't necessarily tied to scholl. The one big thing for me is work! I study from home most of the time and therefore only have classes on very specific days but need to plan my study time around my work hours. So for me the ability to add "work" to the schedule/calendar is priceless and I hope a function like this is added in.

      • EmmaEmma commented  · 

        When you go to create a task, you can choose from assignment, reminder, or revision. I'd love the option to pick an event, like tutoring or review session. The reminder option works for this, but it's more of an event than a reminder.

      • VishalVishal commented  · 

        Please make 'Reminders and Alarms' setting more flexible. Also make it possible to add an activity planned for a particular subject on a selected day. Rest everything is just perfect in this wonderfully awesome app! Keep up the good work... Cheers!

      • RhysRhys commented  · 

        Please also add a way to add commuting to our timetable. I'm a student that travels an hour and a half to and from uni, and often go different public transport routes home, so personally it would be great to include the commute time in the app, as well as to include a set of steps. Ie Bus #, Train on platform #, Bus #, Bus #.

      • Samuel Thompson-KennedySamuel Thompson-Kennedy commented  · 

        I think if you're syncing with other calendars that makes "Adding extra curricular activities"
        Obsolete, because the app is for managing school (timetables, homework etc)
        My suggestion is, you sync with Google calendar and other calendars, and not bother about extra curricular activities because a lot of people use 3rd party calendars on their own.

      • Cristina SLCristina SL commented  · 

        I'm a women living alone and I would like to add the cleaning and activity time like my training. I would me able to visual all my schedule and plan for my study in the same time .


      • DarrylDarryl commented  · 

        Currently I enter clubs that I have joined as classes, but I would much rather they have their own category to place them under. This is an idea that I was going to suggest, so I am happy to see that there are others that wish to have the same or similar feature added!

      • SooYoungSooYoung commented  · 

        I really need this because I need to be able to keep track of sports games, appointments, etc. Just things that are not school-related...

      • ElizabethElizabeth commented  · 

        I'd love to be able to add work in with the rest of my classes, or just meetings I know I have that don't correspond with school.

      • ChloeChloe commented  · 

        Oh, this would make My Study Life my ultimate DREAM planner. I personally don't do heaps of extra-curricular activities and such but this would certainly help.
        Having said that, I also have friends who are doing the same DE program as me and trying to juggle things like soccer practice and music to try and achieve a career in those areas. If you added this, I would go from recommending this app and telling them about it to pestering them about it until they give in and get it. ;D :P

      • DarjaDarja commented  · 

        And please expand the notification time frame to at least 1 week prior due date!

      • HunterHunter commented  · 

        I work, and as a work around I've currently set my work as a subject, with modules to fill in the spaces in my schedule where I work, so I can also assign tasks to it. It would be great if I could mark it as an extracurricular activity and not a study subject!

      • hawraahawraa commented  · 

        For instance, (planners to be able to have schedules like this)

        Ex., March 15, 2016
        -CHEM class: 2:15pm- 3:15pm
        -call my work after chem class
        -pay for gym membership
        -clean car

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Add the ability to add one time events non-related to school, like appointment with the dentist or maybe some speech, something like that. Amazing app

      • Donald RabinDonald Rabin commented  · 

        This is already such an amazing program for organizational purposes! With this potential new feature, users could benefit from being able to utilize the Extra Curricular addition. It is necessary for any student!

      • JessJess commented  · 

        Agree i came here to add something similar but I see it has been memtioned.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

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      • Emre SülünEmre Sülün commented  · 

        I absolutely agree. Individual stady timetable also should be added.

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