How can we make My Study Life better?

Be able to add extra-curricular activities and events

On Timetable add extra 'planner-like' events
For example:
After school clubs (ex: 2:20-3:30pm)
Music lessons (ex: 3:00-4:00pm)
Exercise at the gym (ex: 5:00-6:00pm)
Break times like dinner, tv, etc in 15-45minute intervals

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    Caroline Mak shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Logan Ince commented  · 

        I would love the ability to place a one off event on my calendar easily. I've been looking for a calendar that doesn't just beautifully and intuitively. I like Outlook and Google Calendars because I can add single events in one menu, very easily. But My Study Life has the most beautiful UI and calendar I've found. Please add a one menu event scheduled to make our study lives easier. :)

      • Tyla commented  · 

        Yes please add this feature it is so super important! You can set aside times for other activities and use the calendar a lot more!

        I really need this!

      • Cara commented  · 

        I would like to be able to add my work schedule to the calendar but because it's never the same each week, I can't, which is very frustrating. Please add this feature as it's a very simply and necessary one!

      • Andrew Lee commented  · 

        I found a way to perhaps circumvent the lack of this feature– It's somewhat ugly but it works.
        First, create a new subject to store all your one-offs. I named my MISC, but the choice is up to you. Whenever you need to schedule an event, create a new class (I know it's not fun) and in the 'Module' field add the name of the activity. The class should display as MISC: Exercise at the Gym. Schedule the class as a one-off for the time and date when you plan the event. Because the class is only scheduled once, it should end as soon as the event is over. The downside is that this inflates the number of classes you're taking and bloats the 'Schedule' view. But it works for my needs.

      • Andrew Lee commented  · 

        This feature is absolutely essential– please add it!

      • Patrick Dundas commented  · 

        I was literally about to email the developer about this feature, then I came across this. Please add!!

      • Teaspoon commented  · 

        I would appreciate it if this could be a feature because it will prevent me from having two calenders

      • fraser commented  · 

        omg so frustrating, its such a simple function just add it.

      • Kinga Bobrowska commented  · 

        Is even someone reading those comments? This one idea which I love is gathering feedback more than three years, jeez, everyone knows that many students are working too, so why not create also slots for other activities that are not related with study. It helps and saves so much time when we have fixed schedule,

      • Alex Winchell commented  · 

        Just add the ability to add times to tasks and have them show up on the calendar

      • Rubiks38 commented  · 

        I came here to ask about this exact thing! I couldn't figure out how to add one off event, such as interviews times, team meetings, guest lectures, library book due dates etc

        Having such a feature would allow me to completely switch over from other to-do calendars, since right now I need to keep a separate reminder on a piece of paper or on other apps about these events. Please please please add this feature, as without it, the app isn't complete!

      • anonymous commented  · 

        This would be amazing!! Super helpful!!!

      • [Deleted User] commented  · 

        I was actually thinking of something like this since I had to place my reminders as if they were for a class. It would awesome to have a separate planner or tasks option!

      • Elizabeth commented  · 

        This would be the most useful thing you could add!

      • Equasia commented  · 

        I would love if this could be added. It would take so much less for me to be organized for a semester.

      • Megan Rupnik commented  · 

        Especially with working and school I need to be able to add events that aren't class like putting in my work schedule or any reoccurring meetings

      • Carol Chen commented  · 

        I need to keep track of my meetings and I can't go back and forth with Google Calendar and MyStudyLife! Please

      • Luke commented  · 

        Yes, to be able to add other events other than classes would be excellent, as it would provide a full scheduling tool. To be able to plan sleep, meals and the whole day would truly contribute to a successful Study Life!

      • Micah Veron commented  · 

        Being able to add an event is nice, so we don't need to have multiple calendars and to maximize the timetable - which helps me/us to see whole schedule looks like and times.

      • anonymous commented  · 

        You could always just name a subject whatever your activity and then add it into your schedule

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